Who Will Win Best Picture? The 2013 Oscar Will Go To Argo


Argo has come into award season as the picture to beat. It has swept all the major awards at all of the most important award shows. Tomorrow night is going to be a best picture win for Argo.

Best Picture Nominees:


Argo is the movie to beat this year. So far, it has swept the Golden Globes, SAGs, DGA's and the BAFTA's. And just several months ago, it looked like Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty were going to be the favorites going into Oscar night. How quickly the momentum can change in the world of Oscar. 

Argo was the underdog going into award season, but it has all the cards stacked in its favor. Even though Ben Affleck is not nominated for Best Director, Argo still has the makings of a Best Picture winner. Tomorrow night is going to be a big night for the Argo team, and it will further cement Ben Affleck's status as one of the most prominent directors in Hollywood. It will silence all the critics who dared joke about Affleck's horrible haircut for the movie.  Let the haters be silenced.