Oscars Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Production Design


Visual Effects -

Favorite: Life of Pi at 1/20 

Next Best: The Hobbit at 10/1

Life of Pi is a Mortal Lock to win Best Visual Effects. It was beautiful. End of Story.


Sound Editing -

Favorite: Les Miserables at 1/6

Next Best: Skyfall at 15/2

Les Miserables is a Lock for Best Sound Editing. "You know they actually sang, right?" said everyone everywhere when recommedning this film.


Sound Mixing -

Favorite: Zero Dark Thirty at 10/11

Next Best: Skyfall at 11/2

This one is too close to call, but to be fair I have no idea what separates Sound Mixing from Sound Editing. Nobody in Vegas does either.


Production Design -

Favorite: Les Miserables at 5/4

Next Best: Anna Karenina at 6/4

Production Design is a dead heat, and is actually one of the closest races of the night. Also in the mix is Lincoln at 9/2.