Oscar Best Live Action Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Animated Short


Live Action Short -

Favorite: Curfew at 2/5

Next Best: Death of a Shadow at 9/2

Another race that's too close to call, mostly because very few people have actually seen these movies. Don't sleep on Buzkashi Boys at 11/2.


Documentary Short -

Favorite: Open Heart at 4/7

Next Best: Inocente at 5/2

This is one of the closest races of the evening, but it seems to have boiled down to just those two. Mondays at Racine is in a distant third at 6/1.


Animated Short:

Favorite: Paperman at 1/3

Next Best: Head over Heels at 6/1

Paperman is easily a Lock for Best Animated Short. I actually watched this one, and it was pretty good, but still I wish that The Simpsons (currently 16/1) were at least in the running.