Watch Oscars 2013 Live Online


Looking for a way to watch the Oscars online? Beginning Sunday night (Feb. 24) at 5:30 p.m. EST we will be live streaming all of the red carpet arrivals.

The Oscars 2013 will be on ABC and start at 7 p.m. EST.

It'll be a heck of a show! 

Follow PolicyMic's live blog here. Or watch live below: 

Top News Across the Web: 

1) In China, the Defense Ministry denied allegations made by an American report that linked the Chinese government to extensive hacking of American corporations. The report claimed the Chinese army is one of the world’s “most prolific cyber-espionage groups.” As several have noted, the American government also participates in hacking.

2) In Tunisia, the Islamist prime minister resigned following heavy protests in response to the assassination of a prominent opposition leader. The former interior minister has been selected to fill the position. He is tasked with forming a new government within two weeks.

3) In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah swore in 30 women to the country’s previously all-male advisory council. Powerful religious voices have criticized the King’s move, which comes almost a year after the original announcement.

4) In Bulgaria, the prime minister resigned and dissolved the government as thousands took to the street to protest high electricity bills and declining living standards. PolicyMic’s CTO Martin Mateev, who was born in Bulgaria, writes, “Yet, the current protests might actually provide hope for Bulgaria's future, as many young Bulgarians expect better from their government and have shown that they intend to do something about it.”

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