Game of Thrones Season 3: We've Got the Trailer, Oscars 2013: Does Awards Season Make Us Hate Movies?, and Everything Awesome From Around the Internet


1. When is Sheryl Sandberg leaving Facebook? (New York Magazine)

2. How France got so lazy (Daily Beast)

3. Welcome to phase three of the Arab Spring (New Republic)

4. Obama’s sequester deal-changer (Washington Post)

5. Does Obama have a plan? (Washington Post)

6. A world without work (New York Times)

7. Drone pilots get stress disorders (New York Times)

8. Human language may have developed from bird song (MIT)

9. Are the Oscars making us hate good movies? (Indiewire)

10. Ice fishermen get drug tested, too (New York Times)

11. Keith Richards is a boss (see slide 8) (Huffington Post)

12. The secret to better glue (PopSci)

13. Game of Thrones trailer, get excited (YouTube).

14. Sure, you’ve made a half-court shot. But have you ever made a half-court shot like this?

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