Oscars Red Carpet


Sorry, E!  I'm done with this tribunal of the semi-famous. ABC it is.

Robin Roberts looking sleek.

Heyyyy, Harry Potter! Sorry, Daniel Radcliffe. I know you have a real name. Can I call you Dan? I feel we're close enough. I've seen you naked. 

These Miss Dior commercials are making me want to run around in a pink dress. And, you know, own a pink dress. 

Jennifer Garner is wearing one of my favorite clothing colors. She wins the best wife of the year award. I'd marry her. (My boyfriend is going to start wondering. Or, he would if he cared about the Oscars enough to read this blog). 

Is Halle Berry wearing shoulder pads? 

Adele looks like a giant compared to Kristin Chenoweth. Like, an actual giant. 

George Clooney going scruffy and Stacy... crap, what's her last name... Keibler kind of rocking a 20's inspired dress. Not sure what I think of it...