Anne Hathaway Red Carpet Dress (Photo): The 1990s Want Their Prada Back


I wanted to love Anne Hathaway's Oscars dress. I really did. The light pink was actually very refreshing on her, since she's been sticking with a stark black-and-white gestalt lately (perhaps reflecting her edgy new haircut?). But I just can't get behind it. I don't love the neckline -- it seems a little outdated -- and the cut-outs in back don't work for her willowy frame. Not to mention the darts in the bodice awkwardly highlight her nipples. But her looks does stick with a trend I've been noticing on this year's red carpet: stunning jewelry! That necklace was a knockout. Unfortunately it couldn't take center stage against the frenzied lines of that dress. What do you think: Did Anne knock it out of the park with her Prada?