Seth Macfarlane Kills The Oscars Opening


I could have done without the silly futuristic Stark Trek gimmick, but other than that, what an amazing opening. Way to keep it classy, y'all. The set is beautiful. The dances. The songs. The acknowledgement that in years past we have lost the finesse of Old Hollywood glamour, in itself is fantastic, but to address it through bringing it all back again in a tongue and cheek wonderfully orchestrated performance, complete with celebrity cameos and a beautiful dance sequence from Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum... well it was just beautifully done. 

Seth Macfarlane is also being very funny, cheeky and classy all at the same time. His RiRi Chris Brown joke (how Django in all of its violence was like a rom-com for them) was a little tasteless and cheap, but that's what he's known for, so he probably just had to get in one below the belt moment to feel comfortable. 

Poking fun with the whole -Flight redone with sock puppets- thing was great. And the self awareness of the "black sock" joke, likening portraying Denzel Washington with a brown sock as black face... well that's the kind of smart, not afraid to be politically incorrect, and poking fun at all of the uptight face holes mouthing off that I was talking about in my previous post about Django.

In other news Christoph Waltz just won best supporting actor and gave the most fantastic adorable sperfect speech and we can all go home now, that's all I wanted to happen tonight!