This just in:: if you guys think Life of Pi is so fucking cool, seeing as it just won for Best Cinematography, then I hope that when they announce Best Actress at the end of this, Quvenzhane Wallis is walking away with that award. If such a ridiculous movie like Life of Pi can win an Oscar (granted it was visually stunning, and if it's going to win anything, it should win that), than the brilliant performance of a young girl, who was only 6 when the awe inspiring movie was made, should win the title. I know it's a little unorthodox, and some people are saying her nom was an obligatory nod at how good her performance was for her age, but it's beyond that. Her performance would have been outstanding given by someone at any age. Her passion, believability, and the way she took on such a mature role, but kept its innocence, IS award winning and should be Academy Award winning. End of story. The rest of y'all bitches in the category did well, but you ain't got nothing on that little girl from the bathtub.