2013 Is The Year of The Lovey Dovey Oscars


Leave it to Ben Affleck to be classy about it though. If you aren't watching the 2013 Oscars live right now, well Seth MacFarlane just lost ten points. He's been doing really well so far, but he just used the fact that Zero Dark Thirty revolves around the amazing woman who spent 12 years of her life devoted to tracking down Osama bin Laden (granted the veracity of the story has been the center of a heated debate, but regardless there is some truth to it, that woman exists and did that, so stop being ninnies) to make a cheap joke about how women won't ever let anything go. Wrong moment, buddy. Wrong moment. Luckily Ben Affleck swept out afterwards to cast some side eye towards Seth and make a quip about how well everything had been going to that point. Leave it to one of Hollywood's classiest to also be a defender of the ladies. Go Ben, I might just watch Argo now (sorry y'all not big into war movies, didn't see Zero Dark Thirty either, call me a philistine).

I was gonna say that this was The Lovey Dovey Oscars, because of all of the tributes and montages, and everyone seems to actually really be in awe of each other's work this year, but this is Seth's second insensitive joke towards women of the night. I know we all need to learn how to take a joke, but you can't begin a show with such a classy opening and then resort to domestic violence and "ugh women" jokes.