Les Miserables and tribute to movie musicals


Shock. Amour wins Best Foreign Language.

Overheard re: Amour. "So, it's The Notebook?"

John Travolta introducing tribute to movie musicals, which will feature... a lot of people who have been in movie musicals. Including the cast of Les Miserables.

Which, by the way, needs much less emphasis on the

Catherine Zeta-Jones is jaw dropping. But this needs to be more montagey. More. Shorter.

Hey, Jennifer Hudson sounds even better than Mercedes from Glee. And I like her singing dress better than her red carpet one. The first sentence was a joke. The second is not.

Are there songs other than "I Dreamed A Dream" in Les Mis?

Anne Hathaway changes dresses and her neckline still looks crap. Same with Amanda. Samantha looks classy. Kind of Princess Kate-like.

I'm not entirely certain what just happened. There were more songs in that clip than in the Pitch Perfect finale number.