2013 Oscar Tribute to Awesome Women


Well people have finally started remembering what it used to mean to be a movie star, meaning that you danced, sang and acted your pants off. Thanks to Les Mis bringing all of our attention back to that, what with the cast singing live and all (OMG, y'all, that's actually a huge deal), it seems actors are stepping up to the plate, and they are being acknowledged for it.

The Oscars right now are doing what seems to be a tribute to people being talented, and remembering the theatrical heritage that has allowed them to have the lives that they do today, what with shiny movies and a lot of actors  barely even being able to remember their lines. 

It all just started with Catherine Zeta Jones doing an excellent rendition of "All That Jazz" from Chicago. What a fucking bomb shell, y'all. I don't know how old she is now (not that old obvi), but she's not 23 anymore, but damn does she look like she is. Next Jennifer Hudson took the stage to blow all of our tops off. If you don't get chills listening her sing "You're Gonna Love Me" from Dream Girls, well you might want to check for your soul, cause honey you ain't got none. 

It all ended, as it seemed it would the entire time, with a giant Les Mis moment (which it seems the whole Oscar show might turn into in the end). The whole cast of the movie on stage, belting, just to prove one last time, in case their were any doubts, that they can sing that damn show live. 

Obvi my fave parts were Helena Bonham Carter being on stage (being awesome), and loling at Russel Crowe singing.