Apply to Be PolicyMic’s Campus Rep


PolicyMic’s Campus Rep program is designed to allow you to bring PolicyMic to your campus. It’s simple:

Apply here if you can’t get enough of PolicyMic and want to share it at your college The top 10 applicants will get the opportunity to rep PolicyMic on their campus You’ll be in charge of outreach and signing up tons of friends, professors, and influencers to engage in heated PolicyMic debates You’ll become part of the team – help develop strategy and join for special events (we’ll also send you PolicyMic swag and give you mic’s for every user you sign up)

To apply, e-mail the form below to editorial (at)


Full Name:



Year you’ll be graduating:

Web address of your PolicyMic profile:

Your Twitter @name (Hint hint: follow us @policymic):

If selected as your school’s Campus Rep, what will you do to get your friends using PolicyMic?

Tell us one wacky thing we could do for the site to take-off on your campus. Be creative!

If you were going throw a PolicyMic party, what would be the theme?