Kristen Stewart is A Walking Eye Roll


So let's take a moment to talk about how dumb Kristen Stewart is. I know you've got this whole -apathetic-I'm so cool because I don't care-OMG Twilight was just too much fame to handle-wannabe punk rock-thing going for you, but have some self respect. Or at least respect for the highest honor of the industry that you work in. Receiving an Oscar is a level of recognition that Stewart will likely never achieve (at least let's hope not, because if she does that's a definite sign that Jesus is coming to smite us all), and definitely never earn. But to be a presenter is certainly a high honor. And you limp out, with that fake ass limp. Come on, everyone has sprained their ankle, you're not in a slapstick film, no one walks like that ever. With your messy ass hair. A bruise on your arm. Haplessly letting your gown hang on your body, instead of proudly presenting yourself. And then you give that smug smirk you always give, that you try and pass off as this kind of fey manic pixie awkwardness, but we all know is contrived as my other least favorite "actress," Lena Dunham's, narcissism. You guys should date. 

My point is... can we all just finally stop caring about her, and giving her moments like this to give us a giant middle finger for caring about her? Please. And now I have spent way too much time thiking about this. Back to the show.