Barbra Streisand's In Memorium Performance at 2013 Oscars

Barbra Streisand is killing it right now, in a dressed down, elegant staging of a montage of "The Way We Were" and "Memory" to honor those that we have lost in cinema over the past year. One of my favorite things about Babs, is that she has no need to belt. She can, and has- but even if she does, she does so tastefully. She lets the beauty of her own voice float out of her, sculpting it with her breath and movement to create art. As much as I love an Adele and a Jennifer Hudson, there has to be something said for the kind of classically trained, Broadway practiced, and Jazz standard tested method of singing. And not to mention, the whole Dances With Wolves Navajo Princess Stevie Nicks thing she's got going on is maybe the best look of the night so far.