Tarantino Wins Oscar For Best Original Screenplay


Well, they snubbed him in the Best Director category, but at least they gave him this well deserved Oscar. The screenplay for Django (much of which was actually cut from the film) is actually probably better than the film itself, and that's saying a lot. The film had to be adjusted ultimately because of logistics, the schedules of the actors, and actors dropping out, etc. That is neither here nor there though...


And thank you so much, Mr. Tarantino for A) thanking your actors. Tarantino is very specific about his casting, which is just another element of his art. And B) praising all of the writing this year. "Year of the writers," is actually how he referenced it, adding "It's nice to have the competition." I love the nod not only to the fact that some amazing screenplays were written this year, but also the roundabout way of noting that there has been a serious void of good writing (and good movie making), at least in comparison to this year, in years past.

Get it Quentin!