Oscars Live 2013: The Top Four


We're getitng to that point in the evening when the top four awards of the evening are presenting.

Director.... Ang Lee wins for Life of Pi. "Thank you, movie gods."

"Is Bradley Cooper nominated? Wow, that's a big category for a guy from The Hangover." - overheard.

Jean DuJardin gets the best entrance music of the night.

"She's so good because I did not know she was the same girl from 'The Help.' - said, re: Jessica Chastain.

Little Q is the man.

All the best actress nominees did so well. Jennifer Lawrence is actually not cracking wise, which is surprising for her, but appropriate. She was lovely and sincere.

Daniel Day- Lewish is the first man to win 3 Best Actor Oscars. His speech mixes humor and sentiment in a rather poetic matter.

JACK. My father is so happy right now.

Killer dress, Madame First Lady.

Argo wins Best Picture. Ben Affleck looks like he's swallowing his tongue. Grant Heslov's wife is an ugly crier. Jennifer Garner is not an ugly crier.

I'm seriously loving Affleck's speech. One of my best friends HATES him, and I often agree when he's on screen, but I can't deny he's a damn good director.

And as Seth MacFarlane and Kristin Chenoweth sing us out, here's good night for Oscars 2013.

Unless I get a second win after I get home. But don't count on it. Some of us have jobs we have to be at tomorrow morning.

Congress really should pass a law making the Monday after the Oscars a national holiday.