Daniel Day-Lewis Wins Best Actor: Oscars 2013


Daniel Day-Lewis took home top honors with the Best Actor Oscar for his brilliant portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. It was about as sure a bet as you can get with the Academy Awards, but Day-Lewis derved the award. He is the first actor to ever win three Best Actor statues. 

Meryl Streep didn't even have to open the envelope before announcing Day-Lewis had won the award. The method actor commented about how lucky a guy he was and thanked the Academy for the honor while even poking fun of himself saying that his wife had to live with a bunch of different men while he took full control of the roles he took on. He joked about taking Streep's role as Margaret Thatcher to a raucus laughter from the crowd while Streep would have played Lincoln.  

He made no mention of Seth MacFarlane's iffy Wilkes Booth joke. 

Here's who he was up against:

Best Actor