23 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up the 2013 Oscars


Hollywood's biggest night has come and gone. The winners have been announced, the Oscars all handed out, and everyone on the East Coast will definitely be sleepy at work on Monday morning. But that doesn't mean the Oscar memories aren't still oh-so-fresh. 

The evening started out really beautifully with Quvenzhané Wallis and her puppy purse. (We know this is not a gif but it is just so, so imporant.)

We then moved seamlessly into my personal favorite moment of the night, Les Nipplerables. 

Then we all went inside and Seth MacFarlane sang a song about Jennifer Lawrence's boobs. 

Seth MacFarlane actually sang about boobs for a really long time. 

And Tommy Lee Jones was there just living the dream. 

Then Claudio Miranda won for Best Cinematography and the whole world was super jealous of his beautiful hair (and Lucius Malfoy resemblance). 

Really though, there was so much singing and dancing that no one even knew what to do.


Except for Robert Downey Jr. who always knows what to do. 

But at the end of the day, it was all about the awards.

And the fact that we all had to sit through Les Mis again. 

It was all worth it though when Anne Hathaway fulfilled the dream she had dreamed.

And when Paul Rudd lost total control. 

Oh also Adele sang to us which was so, so magical. 

And everyone on planet Earth remembered how much they've missed Sandra Bullock.

All in all it was a really fun night. Joaquin Phoenix had the best time.


Quvenzhané Wallis took us to the gun show. 

And Jennifer Lawrence somehow made it look really cool to fall up the stairs in an evening gown. 

Everyone had a blast. 

And after all the politicking. 

And all the stress. 

Some really memorable things happened. 

And Ben Affleck taught us a lesson that's actually really, really important for life. 

But for now, congrats to the winners. You put on quite the show.