Oscars 2013: Best and Worst


Best Moment: We all felt vindicated when Argo won Best Picture, giving Affleck the time on stage he deserved.

Worst Moment: When we realized that someone chose the "Jaws" theme to cut off all speeches. Was that really necessary?

Funniest Moment: William Shatner's surprise appearance as Capt. Kirk.

Most Gif-Worthy Moment: Obviously Jennifer Lawrence takes this one, with her cameo in MacFarlane's funny, but a bit too long, "Boobs" song.

Most Tear-Jerking Moment: Every year, the "in memoriam" brings tears to everyone's eyes, and Streisand's performance of "Memories" was particularly moving.

Most Unexpected Moment: There were two winners in the Sound Editing category, when editors for Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty tied for the Academy Award. It's rare, but it has happened before, most famously in 1969 when Barbra Streisand and Katherine Hepburn both took home Oscars for Best Actress.

Most Historical Moment: Though it came as no surprise, Daniel Day-Lewis's win for Lincoln made him the only man in history to win an Oscar in the Best Actor category not one, not two, but three times.

Most Awkward Moment: Only Kristen Stewart can be even more awkward than her limp. The star's uber-awkward presentation of the Production Design award made everyone feel uncomfortable.

Most Standing Ovation-Worthy Moment: Jennifer Hudson's performance of "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" was show-stopping.

Most Adorable Speech Moment: Adele was overwhelmed and humbled during her brief acceptance speech for the "Best Original Song" category, letting her co-writer Paul Epworth do the majority of the talking, and wrapping it up with "You're all amazing."

Most Sheepish Compliment Moment: Dustin Hoffman looked like a sheepish schoolboy when he told co-presenter Charlize Theron "You're a good dancer."

Most Embarrassing Moment: She laughed it off in the best way possible, but a star's biggest fear was realized when JLaw fell up the stairs on her way to accept the Academy Award for Best Actress.