Sheryl Sandberg 'Lean In': Will Book Influence Her to Leave Facebook?


On Friday, New York magazine published an article with the headline “When is Sheryl Sandberg Leaving Facebook?”

I wouldn’t presume to know what’s in Sandberg’s timeline, but I’d like to lean in with a suggestion (and some puns). How does Ambassador Sandberg sound?

The State Department’s first Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, Melanne Verveer, recently retired from her post, where she served admirably as a leader on women’s issues under Secretary Clinton. Now, Secretary Kerry must be looking for a replacement, and few people are as talented, connected, and passionate as Sheryl Sandberg.

Sandberg already knows her way around Washington, having worked at the World Bank and as the Chief of Staff at the Treasury Department. She’s also linked to leaders from around the world and consistently shines at global meetings.

More powerful than her social network, Sandberg has a passion to better the world and the business acumen to deliver real change. Her new book, Lean In, and her personal endeavors demonstrate her commitment to giving women an equal opportunity to excel. Her experience in technology and entrepreneurship can only help amplify these efforts. With the State Department, she can use these tools and experiences to drive political and social reforms for women and girls in all corners of the world.

The real question is not whether Sandberg would be a great fit, but whether she could make an even greater impact outside of Foggy Bottom. Perhaps she’ll stay at Facebook for a while, perhaps she’ll leave and join Hillary Clinton in retirement (imagine the two of them as a team!), or perhaps she’ll use her talents and resources in some other endeavor. Wherever she ends up next, she will certainly be a powerful force for change.

This post originally appeared on The Future Forum.