YouTube Gallon Smashing Video: Watch the New Harlem Shake


Turns out, the 'Harlem Shake' is no longer the new 'Gangnam Style.' Now, 'Gallon Smashing' is. 

According to the NYDN, brothers Omar, Faysal and Zayd Khatib came up with the 'Gallon Smashing' stunt — which basically involves smashing two gallon-sized containers of milk or juice on the supermarket's floor (behind an unsuspecting customer).

You don't even even have to memorize any silly coreography or even wait for a musical cue to start; just the splash sound is enough to produce a successful 'Gallon Smashing.'

The key is to creep up behind an unsuspecting customer, theatrically throw the cartons into the air and watch them crash and explode into the ground — after which the "gallon smasher" is helped and picked up by onlookers worried about the "accident."