YouTube: Mitchell Marcus, Mentally Handicapped Basketball Player, Scores First Basket


When it comes to sports, there's a lot to complain about: The athletes are paid too much, they can get away with anything, they aren't loyal, and the executives in charge have no idea what they're doing.

The internet isn't much better: The "Harlem Shake" and "Gangnam Style" were all that mattered for a few months, this exists, and cats rule the world

Bringing the internet and sports together, it would be a safe guess that the combination would be terrible. But then, we remember that both sports and the internet provide the world with some pretty great things as well. On February 22, Steve Hartman of CBS News gave us the story of Mitchell Marcus, a developmentally disabled team manager of the Coronado High School Thunderbirds in El Paso, Texas. He entered the game and his teammates tried their best to have him score, and as the seconds ticked down ... well, just watch.

Enjoy Mitchell Marcus' story along with two other inspiring viral videos that remind us the Internet can give us uplifting moments to go with the perplexing ones:

1. Jonathan Montanez Assists Mitchell Marcus

This is what sportsmanship is all about. Jonathan Montanez, a player for the other team, called out Mitchell's name and passed him the ball in what storyteller Steve Hartman says is one of the "most memorable turnovers of all time."

Mitchell then hits a shot as time expires. The cameras capturing the moment shake uncontrollably as the crowd erupts into bedlam and rushes towards Mitchell. The box score will credit Montanez with a turnover on the game's final play, but everyone knows it was an assist. 

2. Jason McElwain, Sharpshooter

Jason McElwain's story is somewhat similar to that of Marcus. They were both team managers who suited up for their high school teams in one of the final games of the season. Both teams wanted their manager to score, but while Marcus' only made one bucket, McElwain caught fire and netted 20 points. McElwain, who is autistic, said, "I was hot as a pistol." 

3. Meghan Vogel Helps Runner Across Finish Line

Meghan Vogel had won the Ohio State Title in the 1600-meters earlier in the day. She ran the 3200-meters tired, hoping that maybe she'd be able to run a great race anyways. She was wrong, she was tired and found herself in last place. Then, she came up on the runner in front of her with only about 20-meters to go. The runner, Arden McMath, had fallen just moments from the finish. Instead of passing her, Vogel picked her up and helped her across the line. McMath ended up 14th and Vogel was 15th. The crowd could care less, they cheered raucously for the act of sportsmanship. 

Notice anything that all three videos had in common? The pure joy coming from the stands is palpable.

The shaky cameras, the screams of euphoria, the power of sport is on full display. Thankfully the internet is here to capture moments like this.