Dennis Rodman North Korea: What's the Worm Doing Over There? and Interesting Finds From Across the Internet


1. House Republicans to meet with millennials (Buzzfeed)

2. 25 overlooked colleges (Daily Beast)

3. Misogyny at the Oscars (New Yorker)

4. Iran responds to Argo’s win (The Verge)

5. The Navy loves clean energy (Mother Jones)

6. Google Glass designer Warby Parker wins over investors (New York Times)

7. What is the role of FLOTUS? (Washington Post)

8. Unlikely sports diplomat Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea (Sports Illustrated)

9. Honey Boo Boo will take her talents abroad, too (New York Post)

10. NBC’s Leslie and Ben break the mold of traditional marriage (ThinkProgress)

11. James Blake reveals the details of his new album (Fact Mag)

12. What’s better than coffee and cats? Nothing (PolicyMic).

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