Instagram North Korea: Photo App Available For First Time in North Korea


Online photo-sharing service Instagram debuted in North Korea Wednesday after operator Koryolink opened its mobile data services — reported TNW. However, the famous app — and now site — will only be available to foreigners and not locals. 

Though "fixed-line internet" has been available for some in North Korea, Koryolink's change will give visitors and other foreigners who live in the country freer online access. According to TNW, Jean H. Lee, who runs the Associated Press bureau in Korea, could become the first person to use Instagram and Twitter from a mobile phone. 

The opening of mobile data in North Korea might be credited to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt January's visit to the country. The move is the latest in a series of developments, which include new regulations to allow foreigners to bring their overseas smartphones into the country. Will this lead to a freer internet in North Korea?