5 Mind-Blowing, Futuristic, and Unbelievable Adventures For the Explorer In You


In May 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first climber to summit Mt. Everest. It was a moment that changed what we thought was humanly possible. In 2012, 240 climbers reached the top of Everest. Even so, climbing Everest is widely regarded as one of the greatest adventures a person can take.

What if you don't want to climb Everest? There are plenty of other adventures out there. Some of them seem even scarier than climbing the world's tallest mountain. Today, the possibilities are endless when planning a thrilling voyage. Below are five ridiculous, unbelievable, terrifying, exciting, mind-bending, and even futuristic ways to adventure through life, and a look at some of the amazing people partaking:

1. Flying

The heartbeats make this video. And honestly, I think watching the video is good enough for me. This is terrifying, and Espen Fadnes just calmly flies down the cliff side traveling at over 250km per hour. This is clearly an adventure for professionals, but it takes paragliding and makes it look like child's play.   

2. Surfing down a 100-foot wave

Also an adventure reserved for professionals. On January 29, Garrett McNamara surfed a 100-foot wave in Portugal . There is no actual footage of the surf, but the photo is awe-inspiring. He could have been horribly injured, but that's sometimes what adventuring is about. It's going to be a little dangerous, and as McNamara says, "I've definitely gotta be a little crazy, right?"

3. Coolest rope swing ever

The bow and arrow makes it seem like some heist action, but this adventure is more like a different form of bungee jumping. The coolest part may be the shots they get with the handheld cameras while swinging. People are often described as "living life to the fullest." I feel like that's the description for the rope swingers here. 

4. Water jet pack

This one finally seems a little more doable for the layman, although it does appear you need some coordination. Regardless, this water jet pack makes it so you can do your best dolphin impression and fly through the water with ease. 

5. Brothers Wild: Timmy and Sean O'Neill

Adventures are for everyone. Brothers Timmy and Sean O'Neill show us that. Sean is paralyzed from the waist down, but Timmy, who is a professional climber, didn't want that to keep him from climbing. They work together to scale some of the world's toughest walls and peaks. Truly inspirational.