PolicyMic Culture Writers Happy Hour!


In the past year PolicyMic's Culture page has grown from the seedling of an idea into a truly exciting space where millennials get into the nitty-gritty about movies, music, art, books, TV and how they really feel about them. None of that would be possible without PolicyMic's awesome crew of culture writers. (And for all you out there who haven't had the chance to weigh in, have no fear, we're recruiting.)

In honor of the ever-growing Culture page and the hard work we've all put in, PolicyMic is hosting a happy hour for NYC-area culture writers to come meet one another in person, mingle, and talk all things cultural! Please join us! 

Who: The PolicyMic culture writers ... and any other writer friends you have who might be interested! 

What: A happy hour. It will be tamer than this ... sorry: 

When: Tuesday March 5th, at 7 p.m. 

Why: To chat and nosh ... and get to know one another, IRL. 

Where: The PolicyMic office, aka 35 West 36th St., 9W 

To RSVP, please email Culture Editor Elena Sheppard (elena@policymic.com).