Avicii's "X-You" is the Largest Music Collaboration Ever


All in a matter of seven weeks, Swedish DJ and producer Avicii has created the world's largest music collaboration ever.

According to the AviccixYou, the world-reknowned artist wanted to see what could be achieved by using social technology, but also to highlight the "breadth of just how many great bedroom producers there [were] out there."

A launch trailer posted in December 2012 described the project as being an opportunity to contribute in making a global hit single together with Avicii. Starting on January 9, 2013, contributions were submitted across five elements of the track (Melody, Bassline, Beat & Rythym, Break, and Effects). After submission, fans voted on these parts via social technology before Avicii made the final edit.

If having the title of the "world's largest music collabration" isn't enough, royalities from the creative contributions, together with 20 percent of the master royalties from the final track, will be donated to House For Hunger.

With 12,931 sounds from 4,199 artists in 140 countries, this isn't just a monumental achievement for modern music as a whole, it's also a testament to how far electronic music has come in the past few years.

Critics of the EDM genre suggest that production takes mimimal talent in comparison to learning and playing a traditional instrument, but this track puts all claims to rest. "X-You" is a testament to the future of music, where in the span of less than two months, 4,199 artists from across the world were able to incoporate all of their talent into one song.

Globaliztion at its finest, and a new hit single for Avicii.