March Madness Uniforms: New Adidas Gear is Nuts


It started with short shorts and knee pads. It took a while, but the shorts got longer, and black shoes with black socks came into vogue. Then accessories gained popularity. Perhaps too much popularity.

But, all things considered, it wasn't that bad. Style in basketball was getting a little out of control, but aside from the occasional special game uniform (like North Carolina and Michigan State wearing camo uniforms when they played on an aircraft carrier), the flashiness here and there wasn't anything to worry about. Then Adidas went and did this:

These are the uniforms that Louisville, UCLA, Baylor, Notre Dame, Kansas, and Cincinnati will be wearing in this year's NCAA tournament (if they make the tournament, UCLA and Cinci are far from locks). To paraphrase Chris Chase at USA Today Sports: the shorts look like zubaz pants. Somehow they're even worse than that. The shorts are hideous and the colors are like a highlighter version of the school's actual colors. Baylor and Notre Dame's new duds actually look like they were colored in by a highlighter.

Adidas is also trying to bring back t-shirts. My fourth grade community-ed basketball team wore t-shirts. Granted, they were cotton, but still, the tight tee is an interesting call. Regardless, when the NCAA Tournament tips off on March 19, expect to see some bright, loud, and colorful jerseys on the court.

For fun, check out these other bizarre basketball unis: 

Washington Wizards (Two-Tone)

Golden State Warriors (With Sleeves)

Oregon State (Blue - School Colors Are Orange and Black)

Oregon's Basketball Court (Not A Jersey, Just Weird)