Pope Emeritus, Oakland Rapper, Threatens to Sue Benedict Over Name


Former Pope Benedict XVI, now "Pope Emeritus," might get sued by an Oakland, California, rapper who's been recording tracks under the same name since 2006 — reported The New Yorker. "I don't care who he is, I ain't let nobody mess with my brand," said Emeritus — who prior to 2006 used the stage name "Notorious P.O.P.E." But the Vatican said it was unaware the California rapper had already claimed the name seven years ago. To which Pope Emeritus — the rapper — replied, "they should have done what I did before I picked it out: Google it." And Emeritus is no backing down, He's [Benedict] the one who should step aside. Call himself P. Biddy or something. This is wack, yo," said the rapper when asked about the possibility of changing his name or stepping down because of Benedict's new papal name. And, according to The New Yorker, the former pope is likely to choose another name for himself rather than risk a legal battle with rapper, because, "the last thing the Church needs right now is another lawsuit."