Black History Month: 30 Black Artists You Should Know, YouTube Oreo Separator Machine: An Amazing Machine, and Other Finds From the Internet


1. If Wal-Mart fails, America fails (Wall Street Journal)

2. The new warning system for illegal downloads: What it means for you (GigaOM)

3. Why Americans are the weirdest people in the world (Pacific Standard)

4. FLOTUS: Healthy food makes business sense (Wall Street Journal)

5. You can’t hack a steak house (Foreign Policy)

6. This scientist wants to create a mind-controlled exoskeleton in time for the World Cup (Wired)

7. Military Sexual Trauma increases homelessness risk for female vets (New York Times)

8. A moving photo essay on domestic violence (TIME)

9. When will there be a dating app that women actually want to use? (New Yorker)

10. Teen pregnancy is on the decline, thanks to fracking (Slate)

11. To mark the end of Black History Month: 30 black artists you should know (Huffington Post).

12. How many languages can you know? (Mental Floss)

13. This billboard turns air into water (Yahoo)

14. The sassy app that punishes you for being lazy (Mashable)

15. All about the black hole that spins at the speed of light (Slate)

16. Colbert profiles the effort to turn Texas blue (Colbert Nation)

17. Mutant tad poles can see from eyes on their tails (LiveScience)

18. The world’s first Oreo separator machine!

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