YouTube 'Harlem Shake' Video Miami Heat: Yet Another Reason to Hate the Miami Heat


Just when you thought you couldn’t hate the Miami Heat more, they go and add to the ridiculousness that is the “Harlem Shake” culture.

In case you’ve been sleeping, here’s what’s gone down so far:

1. Baauer released his “Harlem Shake” single.

2. Absurd numbers of people started posting viral videos of themselves and their buds doing what was purported to be the “Harlem Shake” dance, but which actually has nothing to do with the dance’s original manifestation.

3. Harlem natives (except P. Diddy) got mad that their local moves were being “disrespected.”

4. People stopped giving a sh*t.

At least I thought #4 was true, until this happened:

This is upsetting for a number of reasons: first, why can’t this “Harlem Shake” craze just crawl in a hole and die? I think it’s safe to say we all have better stuff we could be doing, like writing 200-word articles about why this “Harlem Shake” craze needs to go away.

Second, the Miami Heat are the devil. Their uniforms are all fiery and stuff, and their star player wears jersey number 6. And Chris Bosh is just terrifying:

(photo source: Twitter)

Finally, this team is virtually unstoppable and there’s almost no doubt they’ll repeat as NBA champs this season. The fact that they play this much harder, better, faster, and stronger than everyone else makes it especially infuriating that they still have time to do dumb sh*t like “Harlem Shake” videos.

God, I hate the Heat. But props to Mario Chalmers for dressing up like Super Mario.