Facebook News Feed Redesign: Social Network Reinvents News Feed


Facebook announced it would hold a March 7 event to unveil its News Feed's new look, which follows January's news that the social network is readying "a radical new look" for its mobile news feed. The redesign would include full-screen photo tiles and text overlaid on images, in order to "keep with info streams in other mobile apps such as Google+ and Flipboard" — according to Tech Crunch.

The social network has recently revamped its mobile application in order to capitalize in the transition from online to mobile social networking, adding new features for iPhone and Android — such as the free VoIP calling for users in the U.S. and Canada — as well as mobile advertising aimed to reassure the investors who were uneasy about the company's rocky IPO.  

And the new design promises to bring even more improvements, such as faster loading and launch times, as well as general performance. The next step? Make the app aesthetically more attractive by rolling out a sleeker design more in tune with the social news and social magazines such as the aforementioned ones.