Mitt Romney is Back To Save Us All On "Fox News Sunday"


If your takeaway from the 2012 election was "can't get enough Romney!" then I have good news for you: you are getting more Romney.

On March 3, 2012's Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney will make his ... triumphant return to the airwaves, attending a roundtable discussion on Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday at 10 a.m. EST to chat about the state of the country, losing the election, President Obama's leadership, and dear sweet Jesus Christ, the sequester.

According to pre-released footage, Romney says that Washington is allowing politics to trump the good of the nation.

"I mean I see this as this huge opportunity and it's being squandered by politics, by -- by people who are more interested in a political victory than they are in doing what's right for the country.  And it's very frustrating, I have to tell you," he said. "The hardest thing about losing is watching this -- this critical moment, this golden moment just slip away with politics."

Of course, Romney leads immediately into an attack on Obama's leadership, accusing the president of "flying around the country and berating Republicans and blaming and pointing."

"The president has the opportunity to lead the nation and to bring Republicans and Democrats together. It's a job he's got to do and it's a job only the president can do," Romney said.

"It's politics. It's, 'okay, how do we do something that will get a headline that will make it look like those terrible Republicans aren't willing to come together?'" he said.

Okay, no, what he's actually saying is that President Obama is allowing politics to trump the good of the nation. Minor difference.

 Does anyone else remember during the 2008 presidential race, when John McCain was roundly criticized for "suspending" his campaign to galavante around D.C. and politicize the financial crisis? This is kind of like that, except that Romney had the good grace to lose first.

Additionally, Ann Romney will give remarks on how abrupt the switch in their lives was, especially the return to normalcy (the kind where you get to appear on national television and live in a mansion with a car elevator).

If you want to wince a little harder, just check out who will join Romney at the roundtable: the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol, Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers, the Washington Post's Charles Lane, and recently humbled former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), who lost to Sen. Elizabeth Warren by 7.4 points. Thankfully, members of the Massachussetts state GOP will be able to have a Obamacare-funded visit to the dentist's office after an hour of teeth-grinding.

Wait, I mean Romneycare. I just get them so mixed up!

Anyhow, Romney 2016?

See the preview footage after the jump.