YouTube: Mitchell Marcus, Mentally Handicapped Basketball Player Shoots Basket: What We Can Learn


Athletes from many sports have been anything but role models for those who idolize them. You know what I am referring to: rape allegations, paternity suits, fisticuffs, drunk driving, domestic abuse, the use of banned substances, excessive violence, bounties to hurt other players, etc.

Luckily, we have a feel-good story that shows coaches and athletes at their finest, and it had nothing to do with winning the game. In the recording, Mitchell Marcus (hero #1), a Coronado High School basketball player and special needs student, is given a chance to play in the last game of the year by his coach, Peter Morales (hero #2). Marcus took a few shots and missed. As time was running out, Jonathan Montanez (hero #3), a player on the other team, intentionally passed the ball to Marcus, who made then a basket. The crowd went insane and rushed Marcus. This is one of the greatest moments ever in sports history.

Note: You must sit through a commercial advertisement, but the wait is worth it.