Kevin Hart Host SNL: 3 Best Skits From Hart's Hosting Gig


Sometimes the writers at Saturday Night Live suffer through a slow news week and are left without many topical subjects to poke fun at. This was not one of those weeks. Any sequester news left Americans shaking their heads. As did Dennis Rodman becoming all buddy-buddy with the North Korea's Kim Jong-un. And any time there's a new pope coming in, you can make a joke there ... at least SNL can. 

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart hosted dutifully and brought some great laughs to the show. Without further adieu, here are the three best skits from the Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live

1. New Pope: 

SNL showed The Onion that you can casually poke fun at Quvenzhané Wallis without being offensive, even if you elect her as the new pope. Hart played Wallis perfectly as the skit gave some great laughs. Yes, Wallis would be the "first child pope."  

2. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un, BFFs:

It is pretty easy to make fun of Dennis Rodman traveling around North Korea and acting as a diplomat, but by making him best buds with Kim Jong-un, SNL put the right amount of lightness into the situation. Having them only speak to one another in Winnie The PoohTed, and Star Wars references helped too. 

3. Sequester:

The sequester seems like one big joke in itself. Like Dennis Rodman traveling North Korea, it is an easy target to joke about. SNL's best bit was Obama rifling off the lyrics of "YMCA" while bringing out the every day Americans that he so commonly refers to.