YouTube New Rochelle Buzzer Beater Stuns Mount Vernon, March Madness Commences


Holy wow. Holy cow. Exclamation point. Dropped jaw. That couldn't have happened. Bunch of gibberish on a keyboard. Is there any way to describe the turn of events at the end of this basketball game? 

Welcome to March. 

It has to be one of the most unbelieveable buzzer beaters I have ever seen. The ball is stolen, a Mount Vernon player lobs it up thinking the clock will run out, but Khalil Edney doesn't give up on the play and sinks a 75-footer to shock the Mt. Vernon players.

Whether the shot should have counted or not is too hard to tell. The refs made a gut decision and counted the basket. Heartbreaking for Mount Vernon, but utter pandemonium for New Rochelle. 

Aside from Mount Vernon fans, only one person can be upset about this: Tyus Edney. The former UCLA star must have thought he'd have the title for "Greatest Buzzer Beater by an Edney" locked up. Too bad Khalil from New Rochelle had to come around and make one of the most amazing shots ever to steal the crown. It's not quite the magnitude of keeping your team alive to win the NCAA tournament, but Khalil Edney: great work.

Bonus: relive Tyus Edney's buzzer beater from 1994 right here.