Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged: Britney Spears' Little Sister is Getting Married


Britney Spears' baby sister Jamie Lynn, who made headlines nearly five years ago for becoming a teen mom, announced Saturday that she's going to wed on again/off again beau Jamie Watson. 

The former All That star Instagramed and tweeted a photo of her engagement photo over the weekend alongside the words, "Guesssss what??????" In Twitter-obsessed fashion, the 21-year-old went on to post a tweet with hastag ":)#hedidgood" beside a snapshot of her admittedly gorgeous engagement ring:

Jamie Lynn is surely excited about the engagement, even though it came shortly after older sister Britney's engagement crumbled, but this isn't the first time the Nickelodeon icon has planned a wedding. After having daughter Maddie in 2008, Jamie Lynn was going to get married to the baby's father, Casey Alridge. They called off the engagement in 2009, so perhaps Jamie Lynn is in a better place to think about tying the knot now. Hey, a lot can to a person between age 16 and 21. 

But if she's anything like the average 20-something, let alone most celebrity, this isn't going to end well. Regardless, I really do hope it all works out for Jamie Lynn, who got right back on her feet after being chastized in the media for having a baby at 16. Surviving that, and being unafraid to take another shot at romance afterward, can't be easy.