Queen Elizabeth Sick: British Press Remains Mum


Queen Elizabeth II (86) was admitted Sunday to the King Edward VII Hospital for the first time in 10 years following a supposed case of gastroenteritis, initially reported as a "stomach bug."

And, so far, the British press remains mum on details about the monarch's state, repeating Buckingham Palace's official statement that the hospitalization is "a precautionary measure" and that "there had been no emergency."

According to USA Today, as the queen spent her second day recovering, "the British bulldog spirit was once again in evidence." "She's being assessed but is in good health," repeated Buckingham. "She's in good spirits," they added.  

However, following the high profile resignation of Pope Benedict "due to health reasons." The international press has started wondering and speculating if Queen Elizabeth might be next. "Her Majesty the Queasy," headlined The Sun. "Sometimes we forget she's 86 after all," said The Daily Telegraph.  

And, to make matters worse, Her Majesty has forbidden visits citing she doesn't want to  "inconvenience" staff at the King Edward VII Hospital in London and expressing her wish that her hospital stay should be "as low key as possible."