'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere Date: On April 7, Don Draper is Back (Preview)


It is only 15 seconds, there is no new footage, and there is only a slight hint of what's to come. Yet the Season 5 promo for Mad Men, in its glamorous, mysterious, and even adulterous way, is perfect. 

Watch the Mad Men promo in all its glory here: 

Season 5 of Mad Men ended with (spoiler alert!), Don Draper appearing to contemplate jumping back into the adultery business as he looked at a beautiful young woman. The promo plays with Don's possible infidelity with its "affair of the year" tag line, while showing the show's stars at an affair of the party variety.

Will the the affair be at a banquet hall, or will Don stray from his marriage? It's just one of the many questions leading up to Season 6 of Mad Men.

We'll have to wait until Sunday, April 7 and the two-hour premiere of Mad Men on AMC to find out.