5 Majors That Will Actually Get You a Job After College


As is necessary to keep the Earth rotating around its axis, HerCampus just released a list of five of the most employable college majors. 

Naturally, none of the things I majored in appear on the list, but here are the top five:  

1. Computer Engineering

Do you like to figure out the design, analysis, and application of computers as they pertain to applications and components of systems? Robots people, I’m talking about robots, and organizations like DARPA. But really look at this: 

When was the last time you threw a cinder block with your head? (Not advocating for anyone to actually try this.)

2. Pharmacology

Somebody has got to do the actual scientific research behind figuring out how to solve our biological problems and it might as well be you! Pharmacologists study the interaction of chemicals and living things ... like people. They also have 100% employment rate

3. Economics

Contrary to my popular belief, Economists are not just an amorphous group of men that sit at a King Arthur shaped table to discuss the peasant class together. Apparently, there’s a lot more to it. There’s business economics and agricultural economics, which pay incredibly well and have high employment rates. Sure. Now they tell me.  

4. School Student Conseling

There is a severe deficit of school student counselors. According to one study there is only one counselor per 457 students. The recommended number of students per counselor is 250. Additionally, school counselors increase students test scores and help to maintain a positive school environment. Not to mention you get to write hall passes. 

5. Mechanical Engineering

If you like to challenge the very forces that govern our universe, boy do I have a job for you. Not personally, but there are others out there that would certainly enjoy giving you a job. You get to help shape, design, and implement products that seek to solve some of the worlds most pressing issues. (Think: health careenergy, and the environment).  

Did I mention nanotechnology? That's all part of it too. The below pictured race card is just four times larger than the width of human hair.