7 Greatest Movie Supercuts Of All Time


Montages are one of my favorite things in movies. Especially a montage with sports. As South Park puts it: "A sports training montage./ Show a lotta things, happening at once,/ Remind everyone of what's goin' on./ That's called a montage." 

A supercut is kind of like a montage, but it splices clips from a ton of different movies (or TV shows) that are all related. Supercuts often point out cliches or oddities in movies and put those cliches and oddities together in quick moving, disjointed wonders. 

Here are seven must-see supercuts that show all the overplayed quotes and wonderful quirks of movies:

1. "I Could Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You"

Thankfully, there isn't a supercut of real-life people jokingly telling someone that if they told them, they'd have to kill them. It may have been funny once or twice, but I know it wasn't when I tried it.

2. "Now, If You'll Excuse Me"

Only one real question comes to mind: How is it used so much in movies? It seems like movies should at least be somewhat close to real life, and I am struggling to remember a time that I have ever said, "Now, if you'll excuse me." But maybe that's why I'm not making movies...

3. "Hey Riggs"

Classic Donald Glover. They also could have made a supercut of him saying: "I'm getting too old for this sh*t." Or they could have just re-posted Angels in the Outfield.

4. 100 Best Movie Lines In 200 Seconds

This supercut may be the most impressive. It is missing some classic movie lines, but fitting 100 lines into 200 seconds is incredible. 

5. Hit By A Bus

I was going to keep these supercuts in the 2-minute range, but this one is something. People get hit by busses a lot in movies and on TV. Maybe even too much. 

6. Movie Titles In Movies

This one cracks me up. Nic Cage: "Face [dramatic pause] off." Pure gold. The other thing to note is that every action film in the 90s with Nic Cage said the name of the movie at some point during the movie. He crushed action movies in the 90s. 

7. Movie Titles In Movies: Part Deux

This sequel to a supercut is all about sequels. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy somehow managed to work the title of each film into the script of each movie. Movies that stated the word "two" when saying the title of their movie is amazing: Robocop 2 and Wayne's World 2. We can only hope to see Taken and Taken 2 (or is too?) in the next one.

It finishes with hands down the best movie title in a movie: Independence Day.