War With North Korea: Saber Rattling Puts South Korea on Edge

North Korea remains an opaque country shrouded in speculation and rumor and its recent saber rattling has the international community on edge.

There have been a slew of incidents over the past couple months. In February, North Korea detonated a nuclear device, raising concerns that it was getting closer to being able to assemble nuclear missiles. Meanwhile, it released a couple propoganda videos showing New York City destroyed by a bomb and Obama burning in flames. The U.S. and other UN partners are putting additional sanctions in place and North Korea responded most recently by declaring that it would no longer honor its armistice with South Korea. 

"If North Korea carries out provocations that threaten the lives and safety of South Koreans, our military will carry out strong and resolute retaliations," South Korea's Gen Kim Yong-hyun told reporters

As the conflict unfolds we'll bring you live updates and analysis on the situation.