Los Angeles Election Results: Garcetti and Greuel Come Out On Top, Conclave 2013: American Catholics Feel Disconnected From Vatican, and Today's News For Millennials


1. Chavez dies at 58. Leftist leader Hugo Chavez died from complications related to cancer, Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced yesterday. Maduro implied that the U.S. had somehow infected Chavez with the illness. Chavez battled cancer for two years, undergoing a total of four surgeries. To his supporters, he was known as a strong supporter of his people populism and a staunch opponent of American influence in Latin America. To his critics, Chavez was seen as a classist dictator and wasteful spender who failed to deliver on his promise to alleviate poverty. The Wall Street Journal profiles Chavez in the documentary “Strongman,” while The New York Times looks back on 10 memorable moments in his career. Look ahead to who will fill Venezeula’s power void.

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