Rand Paul Filibuster Does Not Go Far Enough


#StandWithRand is trending worldwide today as Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has gone on a traditional filibuster that is now in its seventh hour to stall the approval vote for John Brennan as the new CIA Director. What many Americans seem to be missing is that this is not about John Brennan; this is about American principles and taking a stand against the erosion of our civil liberties.

Sen. Paul is adamant that he is going to talk until he can't talk anymore. However, as I have watched his filibuster for most of the seven hours that it has been ongoing, one thing has struck me over and over again. Paul is demanding that President Obama publicly state that he will not use drones against Americans on American soil. While I agree that it would be a solid step forward, I don't believe that it goes far enough.

What I want to hear the president say is slightly more specific, and infinitely more important for future generations of Americans, including my children and grandchildren. I want Sen. Paul to demand the president to make a bigger admission in public. What is that statement that I want to hear so badly? Well, it goes something like this:

"My fellow Americans, I stand here today in response to the loud and justfied outcry against my administration's vague stance with regard to killing Americans and what authority any American has to make such an order. I want to make it clear, right now, that no person, anywhere, anytime, has the authority to order the termination of an American citizen, on American soil without following the law of due process as set forth by the Constitution of the United States of America. Furthermore, no person has the authority to override the Bill of Rights under any circumstance."

Folks, that is the statement that will set the ball rolling in the right direction. By having the president say this, we guarantee that we have a record to point to if such authority is ever usurped. This is a 100% true statement, and the president of the United States should have no problem stating it in front of a microphone and television cameras. This is the very foundation of our civil liberties.

I say good on Senator Paul and those that have assisted him today, but I also want them to go one step further. Demand unequivocal language in support of the Constitution. Make this a truly definitive moment in American history. Make it happen and Rand Paul will go down in history as a true patriot.

As Rand's Facebook page read today, "If you give up your rights now, don't expect to get them back."

I couldn't have said it better myself. If we let this one go, then we open the door for the entire Constitution and our Bill of Rights to fall.