John Brennan's Non-answer to Blame For Rand Paul Filibuster


During hour two of what is becoming an epic stand for the Constitution, specifically the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, Rand Paul explained his opposition to the administration's position that it reserves the right to kill American citizens it believes are engaged in terrorist activities without any judicial oversight:

"It's not that we're saying the CIA are bad people, we just don't want them operating with no rules or the rules we allow them to operate with overseas. We don't want them operating that way in our country. The disappointing thing is that a month ago when I asked John Brennan this question, as his nomination came forward, is that I couldn't get an answer. He would not answer the question about the CIA operating in the United States. Only after yanking his chain, browbeating him in committee, threatening not to let him out of committee, does he final sale he's going to obey - finally say he's going to obey the law. We should be alarmed by that. Alarm bells should go off when we find that what we're - what is going on here is that it takes that much for him to say he's going to obey the law."