Marco Rubio Filibuster: Florida Senator Tags In, Quotes Jay-Z


Marco Rubio, the Tea Party-backed senator who ascended to the upper chamber in 2010, is now asking Rand Paul a "question" in what is essentially a tactic to give Paul a rest. Paul has been given many assists throughout the day, as he has yielded for numerous questions, which Paul doesn't have to physically be in the chamber for. 

The GOP senators who are helping Paul in this endeavor may be running out of germane talking points, as Ted Cruz was quoting the movie Patton earlier, and Rubio now quoting The Godfather. But the biggest surprise came when Rubio quoted Jay-Z's "A Week Ago" by saying, "It's funny what seven days can change."

Incredibly, Rubio did not include the lines that come immediately after:

A stand up nigga, now you sit down to aim

Used to have a firm grip now you droppin' names