No Need to Panic About Chinese Aircraft Carrier


On Wednesday, a commercial American-based satellite company, DigitalGlobe, photographed what appeared to be China's new aircraft carrier performing sea trials in the Yellow Sea. Based on where and when the vessel was sighted, Stephen Wood, the director of DigitalGlobe, said he is "Confident the ship is the Chinese carrier because of the location and date of the photo."

The aircraft carrier is the modern master of the naval battlefield, a system so powerful and legendary, that without it, America's war in the Pacific in World War II would have been lost. And now China is making its way towards an operational carrier, shedding light on potential military intentions that China has. I believe that China's aircraft carrier is not something to worry about at this point in time. It is not totally operational, and America has the means to defend itself should China act unreasonably in its efforts to become a functional 21st century modern military power. It would be wise for America and her allies to quietly observe China, without interfering with China's currently harmless intentions with its military decisions. 

Though it is unknown how long it will be before the vessel is totally operational, this sea trial is an essential step into making sure this carrier is seaworthy. Important information and statistics about the ship are compiled during these trial times. Though this is a major step for the Chinese military, it should be of minimal concern to America and American interests in the Pacific region for the time being. America has 10 Nimitz Class "super carriers" deployed all over the globe, along with support ships, destroyers, cruisers, and submarines in each carrier fleet. China does not even have a single operational carrier. America is also boosting its military presence in Australia to show its Pacific allies that it will not abandon them as Chinese military interests in the region continue to grow. 

As more information is revealed about this Chinese aircraft carrier, it will be easier to determine whether or not the carrier itself has potential should it find itself deployed for one reason or another in a military conflict. 

At this juncture in time, America and her allies should only observe and monitor this carrier, as well as other military creations that China has. 

China's navy is not a threat to American naval influence in the region. It is in America's best interest to observe China and its military actions to try and piece together their intentions as they become a more respectable military force. China is definitely a rising power and it would be wrong for America to act without seeing what China wishes to do with its newfound capabilities. It is China's right, as a sovereign nation, to create any military assets it could use in the event of a regional conflict which would call for Chinese military action. 

China's new carrier should not be of concern for anyone. 

What do you think about China working towards an operational carrier fleet? Could the carrier be a weapon of concern for the U.S.?