The Hangover 3 Trailer: Watch the New Trailer Here


I'm going to say candidly that there was nothing more uncomfortable than seeing The Hangover 2 (based in Bangkok) in a Bangkok movie theater while dozens of Thai movie-goers watched completely horrified as a monk went to a club onscreen. Don't get me wrong, I love Bradley Cooper with my heart and my soul and there are days when I still laugh remembering moments from The Hangover (the first, of course), but The Hangover Part 3 has a lot of work to do in order to wipe away the sour memories of the lackluster second installment. 

The official trailer for part three was released Thursday and the film is being marketed as the "epic" conclusion to the Todd Phillips trilogy. And, fingers crossed, epic it shall be. 

The entire Wolf Pack is returning for the third film, and yet another trip to Vegas; Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha will all be there doing all sorts of hangover-y things. In good news, it appears that they've altered, at least slightly, the structure of the film. While part two was almost a word for word copy of the first film, the third looks like it has a little more wiggle room: a funeral, a road trip, Melissa McCarthy. In additional good news, they are in the U.S., which makes us all a lot more comfortable. 

The film will be hitting theaters on May 24, officially kicking off the summer blockbuster season. 

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts. Are you stoked? Or does watching the trailer just give you a total Hangover hangover?