Winter Storm Saturn: Minor Flooding in Montoloking, But Muted Impact Elsewhere in New Jersey


Just months after Hurricane Sandy wrecked huge swathes of coastal New Jersey, Saturn was predicted to do some serious damage to residences and infrastructure in the some of the worst-affected areas.

While predictions of “snowquester” (massive snowfall in Washington, D.C.) fizzled out with nary a peep, strong winds, big snowfall, and power and utility outages were found all across New England.

On Wednesday night in Mantoloking, N.J., a storm surge destroyed a temporary sand dune and closed a major coastal highway, Route 35, for several hours as it flooded with three to six inches of water. Every one of the 521 homes in Mantoloking was damaged by Sandy, with many completely destroyed.

However, other than this admittedly underwhelming attack on the New Jersey shoreline, looks like the impact of Saturn in New Jersey and NYC will be somewhat muted.